Revive Metal Polish

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Revive Metal Polish is a highly durable metal polish containing cleansing agents, ultra-fine mild abrasives and synthetic polymers, to clean, polish and protect automotive bright work.

Perfect to clean and rejuvenate metalwork on old and new vehicles. Its easy application paste formula will clean and remove oxidation and carbon deposits, whilst gently refining the surface and significantly improving the appearance of surface micro-scratches and defects, leaving a high-shine, ultra-slick protective finish. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Perfect to clean, rejuvenate and protect metal surfaces on old and new vehicles 
  • Removes stubborn oxidation and carbon deposits 
  • Gently refines the surface and significantly improves the appearance of surface micro-scratches and defects 
  • Leaves a high-shine, ultra-slick protective finish 
  • Easy application paste formula 
  • Highly effective on chrome, aluminium & stainless steel 
  • Safe on most ‘delicate’ metalwork 

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply sparingly to a foam or microfibre applicator.
  2. Apply a thin amount to the area using light pressure in back and forward motions, covering the area. Use sparingly and do not over apply.
  3. Remove excess with a clean microfibre cloth.
  4. If contamination persists, or for heavy soiling, repeat all steps.

Available in 250ml