303 Fabric Guard Sealant (473ml)

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We highly rate this and consider it be one of the best convertible fabric sealants available.  

If you have a variety of outdoor fabrics that you want to protect from water, dirt, grease and sun damage then you'll want to have 303 Fabric Guard on your shelf, this professional-grade water repellency technology will work to protect any outdoor fabric and works at its best capacity when applied to new or cleaned fibres and when used with 303 Multi Surface Cleaner. Outdoor fabrics include canvas convertible tops, cloth automobile seats and carpets or even boating enclosures.

The best part is with 303 Fabric Guard you aren’t even limited to just outdoor fabrics, 303 advises that this exceptional protectant can even be used on fine leathers, silk, footwear and sporting apparel. All 303 products contain UV protection and Fabric Guard is no exception, which means you fabrics will also have a UV seal on them which will slow the harmful effects of the sun, which will be very helpful for three days a year here in the UK!

How to Use: Spray over fabric until evenly wet and leave to cure for between 6-12hrs dependent on temperature.