Revive Snow Foam

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Revive Snow Foam is a foaming pre-wash cleaner designed to loosen and safely remove excess road grime, traffic film and contaminants from surfaces, helping to prevent the risk of scratching and fine swirl marks during subsequent contact washing. 

Contains advanced lubricants and cleaning agents. Wax, sealant and polish friendly, and is safe for use on all paint types. Designed for use in pressure washer foam lances. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Pre-wash non-contact cleaner 
  • High performance
  • Highly concentrated 
  • Rich clinging foam
  • Refreshing fragrance 
  • Wax, sealant and polish friendly 
  • Safe for use on all paint finishes
  • Designed for use in pressure washer foam lances


A range of specialist detailing products for the classic car enthusiast. Revive products have been developed by experts, delivered with support from award winning detailers and endorsed by collectors.