How to Detail Your Car Series - Aircon Bomb

How to Detail Your Car Series - Aircon Bomb

Episode 3 - How to use an 'Aircon Bomb' 

This episode of our How to Detail Your Car series focusses on a fantastic product called an Aircon Bomb or Odour Bomb.  These products are available from many car detailing brands, generally found in a compressed aerosol can containing a product designed to clean and deodorize the car interior and airconditioning system.  Depending on the brand you go with, they will do a fantastic job of actually neutralising the bacteria that cause bad smells and musty odours deep inside your car's interior fabrics and ventilating system.  

Air-conditioning systems draw external air into the air cooling system, yet despite the existence of filters, spores, organic and inorganic matter find their way into the ducts, tubes and ventilators that combine to supply treated air to the passenger compartments.

Aircon Bombs provide a fast and effective way to sanitise and deodorise vehicle interiors.

Our video walks you through the steps of using your chosen aircon bomb in the correct manner.  

Aircon Bombs are available to buy at The Piston Works, we offer Bilt Hamber and Dakota products, both are tried and tested, highly rated products. 

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