Why We Support the Start-Ups

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Why We Support the Start-Ups

In essence, we too are a start-up, 'The Little Guy', 'The Dreamers', the ones with a vision and a clear path on how we are going to achieve it.

We plan to help and support, where we can, those who share our ethos and approach to products and working. We'll use our social media platforms and venue to highlight new and exciting products. We'll work alongside you and offer our views and feedback, but most of all, tell YOUR story about you and your product.

We all sit there and dream about our ideas and creations making it one day, but are never really sure on the path of how to get there or who to talk to about it.  Now, we aren't saying we can make every budding creator of product an overnight success and we can't fund your project, but we will support those who we believe in, have the right attitude and want to work for it.

If The Piston Works Auto Collective is something you'd like to be a part of then send us some details about you and your product and, most importantly, your story. Get in touch via email drew@thepistonworks.com covering the below questions, and any other information you feel is relevant;

  • Tell us your story
  • Where are you based?
  • What is your product called?
  • Why do you feel there is a need for your product?
  • What benefits, if any, does your product have over other leading products on the market?
  • What environmental considerations have you made to the manufacturing process?
  • Where do you see your product in the market place (large scale sales, independent stockist, etc)?
  • Who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman?

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