Car Detailing Product Brands Showcase - STJÄRNAGLOSS

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Car Detailing Product Brands Showcase - STJÄRNAGLOSS


Here at The Piston Works, we decided to partner with a select few detailing product companies.  We scoured the country high and low, we delved deep into the world of detailing and did our due diligence on a number of potential companies.  We were keen to understand who they were, what they stood for and most importantly whether or not the products they produced were up to our high levels of expectation.  Its important to us that the products we sell are genuine, are produced independently and not re-bottled white-label items.  

One of the companies that came up trumps and really impressed us was STJÄRNAGLOSS who recently launched their new range of car detailing products offering exceptional performance, great value and above all, a no-nonsense approach.  We love the people behind the brand, true car enthusiasts, detailing geeks and absolutely human.  The perfect combo.

STJÄRNAGLOSS launched its brand on the 1st of November 2019, which coincided quite nicely with the opening of The Piston Works Emporium.  Question is, who buys who the birthday cake...Jack!? 

The brand itself and the product names are Scandinavian in their origin and provide an element of intrigue and have certainly provided some giggles in the shop with a variety of mispronunciation.  That aside, the brand has a tangible feel to it, something real you want to pick and use before placing it back on the shelves of your detailing gear rack to look smart. 

Now, of course, the performance of a product is first and foremost.  We were fortunate enough to be offered pre-launch samples of the main range of  STJÄRNAGLOSS products and had time to test for ease of use and experience their short to mid-term longevity.  As you know, at The Piston Works we're not here to undertake reviews on each individual product, but we can say with absolute conviction that we loved using each product from the range from their HJUL wheel cleaner, the BUBBLOR car shampoo right through to their PARLA spray sealant, GUMMI tyre dressing and SILKE quick detailer

So when you're next in the Emporium or checking out online, we recommend adding some STJARNAGLOSS to your bag, you won't be disappointed.

Stjarnagloss Product Range on Shelves


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