Car Detailing Product Brands Showcase - Nanolex

Car Detailing Product Brands Showcase - Nanolex


As you may recall, 2 weeks ago we featured Stjarnagloss, one of the first first product companies to grace the shelves here in The Piston Works Emporium.

Another product manufactuer we are equally as proud to be working with is Nanolex, considered across the detailing industry to be one of the halo product brands in the top tier.   Nanolex is loved by amateurs and professional detailers alike for it's simple and efficient performance right across the range from their highly regarded ceramic coatings to their cleaning products and shampoos.  

As you've heard us talk about before, Its important to us that the products we sell are genuine, are produced independently and the people behind the brand believe in the product they sell.  If they can't, then how can we.  The first time I met Matt, the UK rep for Nanolex, it was a demonstration of an individual who not only believed in the brand he is the ambassador for but also a guy who was excited, knowledgable and passionate about his industry.  He also happens to be a bit keen on cars, which in our books means a lot!   

For those not in the know, Nanolex is a German company producing their own blends of chemicals in-house for the end products they design, manufacture and sell.  Nanolex stand behind their products with confidence which is refreshing, and to the point that they are willing to share the MSDS sheets for each of their products.  This is not something most detailing product manufacturers are willing to do but is something we now insist on seeing to avoid ambiguity in the products we stand behind.  

As a top tier brand, Nanolex is competing directly with the likes of Gyeon and Gtechniq here in the UK.  That said, they are certainly not as well known as their peers, which whilst this adds an element of exclusivity to the brand it's a shame because they have a string to their bow which I think sets them apart.

Nanolex run training for Nanolex Approved Detailers at their Nanolex Detailing University which is a unique, factory-supported chance to learn from the best, most experienced people in the detailing industry.  The course runs only 2-3 times per year at the Nanolex training centre in Saarbrücken, Germany, but we look forward to the courses being introduced in the UK in a similar fashion.  It's certainly something we'd benefit from!  

Looking at the products themselves, the first thing that strikes you is the oddity of the sizes.  Whilst a smaller 200ml product is not unusual particularly for interior sealants and the like, the more industry normal 500ml sized product does not feature.  Instead, a larger 750ml size features as the standard sized product container in the Nanolex range.  Spray head bottles have a quality, robust feel to them and the labelling whilst easily damaged, looks very smart and sophisticated in a typically Germanic fashion.   

In our Leather Seat Clean & Protect 'How To' video last week we featured Nanolex Leather & Textile Sealant.  We have been very impressed with this product and its ability to resist stains and protect leather upholstery from day-today stains and dirt.  According to Nanolex their Textile and Leather Sealant is based on a sophisticated C6 fluorocarbon technology, guaranteeing optimal protection for textile and leather while being safe for users and the environment.  All good to hear, and we love it for protecting most interior fabrics including cotton, leather, polyester, or blended fabrics. 

So when you're next in the Emporium or checking out online, we'd be delighted to walk you through the Nanolex range and recommend products to help you gear up your detailing arsenal!


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